“vzw Pro Voce” is responsible for the processing of personal data and registered at 2018 Antwerpen, Paleisstraat 76 (e-mail : info@peterickx.be).

The personal data of the internet user that are communicated to “vzw Pro Voce” and/or any data regarding services offered will be processed by “vzw Pro Voce” for the following purposes: treatment of requests of the internetuser for information, marketing, studies and statistics, organisation of contests, global overview of clients, central management of clients, check on the regularity of transactions and the presence of any irregularities.

These data may not be communicated to others than those identified by the internet user and the companies whose intervention is necessary for the realisation of one of the above purposes or the companies of vzw Pro Voce.
Unless explicitly stated otherwise by the internet user, the latter agrees to the exchange of his data between - existing and future - organizations of vzw Pro voce for the purposes of marketing, global overview of clients and central management of clients.

The internetuser can check the updated list of companies of the “vzw Pro voce” group participating in the data exchange on the “vzw Pro Voce” website.

These organizations guarantee the best possible protection of the exchanged data and are, regarding these data, bound by professional discretion.

The internetuser has right of acces to the data regarding himself and that are by vzw Pro Voce, or an other organization of the group vzw Pro Voce, are processec and can, in the case being, correct incorrect data as well as demand the deletion of illegal processed data on the Website vzw Pro Voce.

The internetuser can, at any time, free and by simple request, object to the processing of data regarding himself for the purpose of commercial prospection (direct marketing) and/or revoke his agreement regarding the exchange of data regarding himself within the group vzw Pro Voce; these requests will be taken into consideration as soon as possible.

Data with an ethnical or racial character will never be proccessed, except if these data are the data the internetuser has identified itself with (presumably his name, first name, address and nationality). This last one makes the processing of personal data possible according to article 6 of the law of 8 December 1992 regarding the protection of the private life. The categories of persons having access to these data are the staff of vzw Pro Voce and, if this is the case, other organizations of the group vzw Pro Voce, that are asked to process data received through the site, marketing, central management of clients, check of regularity of transactions and the prevention of irregularities and the management of complaints.

Not a single legal article obliges vzw Pro Voce, or another organization of the group vzw Pro Voce, to respond to questions, but the non-response of questions could however have an effect on, in the case, the imossibility or refusal by vzw Pro Voce of by another organization of the group vzw Pro Voce to have a (pre-)contractual relation, to continue such a relation or to execture an order asked by the internetuser or by a third in the advantage of the internetuser.

The personal data of the internetuser are processed in strict confidentiality by vzw Pro Voce. Because the internet however doens't offer full security, the respect of privacy can only be guaranteed if the internetuser, for the transmission of its data, uses the communicationtools that vzw Pro Voce specifcally mentions they are safe.

If an internetusers visits the Website vzw Pro Voce, then the following personal data, called 'variables of environment' are sent to vzw Pro Voce and saved through the navigationprogram of the internetuser:

  1. the TCP/IP-address (identificationnumber of the internetuser on the internet),
  2. the brand and version of the navigationprogram and operating system,
  3. the language chosen by the internetuser,
  4. all information about other Website the internetuser used to reach the Website vzw Pro voce.

These last data are used by vzw Pro Voce to take into account the propper elements of the configuration of the internetuser to be able to send him the requested pages in the right format, to measure visitor frequency, to generate statistics regarding the Website vzw Pro Voce and for the improvements of the Website vzw Pro Voce.